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ACT! for Line 100

ACT! for Line 100 offers many features and benefits of a Contact Manager, ACT! is available to integrate with Sage Line 100 accounting software. This integration provides small businesses with an integrated front office and back office system designed, developed and supported by Sage and its reseller community. ACT! integrated with Line 100 includes an accounting menu and an accounting tab for displaying relevant financial data in the contact record.

ACT! for Line 100 is based on the most recent release of ACT! and retains all the Contact Management features of ACT! and can be deployed for a single user or multiple users.

When integrating the two software packages data can be initially transferred from the existing sales ledger records to populate the ACT! for Line 100 database. Data synchronisation options are then made available to determine the ongoing nature and flow of the data between the two applications. As a result selected financial data can be displayed in the contact record within ACT! for Line 100. This can include credit limit, sales to date and outstanding debt information as well as trading terms and discounts available to that particular customer.

An additional tab also displays transactional information such as invoices associated with the contact. In this case invoice numbers, details and amounts are displayed as well as information relating to the amounts paid against the invoice.




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