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Sage Payroll Professional

   Overview  Feature list  Specifications  Requirements Buy Sage Payroll Professional software Now!


New Multi user payroll software from a leading payroll supplier

Sage Payroll Professional enables you to manage the more advanced requirements of payroll with remarkably little effort. For the first time, Sage now offers multi-user and network functionality in its range of payroll software, plus Payroll Professional offers e-banking functionality at an additional charge. Further professional features include a tool for forecasting the effects of future wage increases and a facility for updating an unlimited number of time sheets in a single batch. Sage Payroll Professional also protects sensitive information by incorporating nine levels of security.

All this is in addition to everything you'd expect of market leading payroll software. It automatically calculates total pay, tax, National Insurance, pension contributions, and statutory payments. It completes all statutory forms at the touch of a few buttons. And you can link payroll information directly with Sage accounting software and other products such as Microsoft Excel.

Sage Payroll Professional has been specially developed and designed to meet the needs of companies requiring greater payroll processing capabilities. In addition to the features within Sage Payroll, the latest version of Sage payroll Professional now includes even more features to support the processing of large volumes of payroll data quickly and accurately.

Sage Payroll Professional contains many features to help speed up your payroll processing - saving you both time and money - notably the NET TO GROSS calculations and the calculation of the gross amount for a fixed bonus, along with faster payroll processing.



Sage Line 50 version 11 now available online

Sage Payroll Professional

Buy Sage Payroll Professional Software Now!
Buy Sage Payroll Professional Software Now!

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